4ART Exhibition

Four local artists with four different stories, visions and voices will be exhibiting at the beautiful Macleay Valley Community Art Gallery in Gladstone from August 8 until September 2.

Howard Piggott’s artworks celebrate Australian birdlife, Aussie seafood and regeneration of the land after cool burns. His acrylic and gauche paintings and prints are rich in colour, and display bold flowing line work.
Scott Jackson’s work aims to depict the beauty and emotion of the landscape using a range of mediums including acrylic, ink, oil, collage and gold leaf. Many works are deep in texture while also describing the fluidity of the atmosphere and sky.
Louise Keough’s work mainly explores digital image making, transforming photographs into the images imagined in her mind. Louise’s work is reminiscent of Chinese Landscape styles. It explores the changing light, coastal beauty and people as shadows or details of the larger landscape.
Robyn Jackson’s art explores her connections with the landscape where she documents graphically the beauty of line, shape, rich colour and her feelings for the land. She is inspired by the beach, travelling around Australia and her garden. Robyn medium is Drimarene Dye on silk which is used to create the mood through use of vibrant colours.

Visitors are invited to come along and meet the artists on September 1 & 2 at the gallery.