Community celebration of new Killick Creek footbridge


Kempsey Shire Council

Community celebration of new Killick Creek footbridge

Crescent Head locals and holidaymakers will be able to celebrate on Wednesday December 21 with the official ribbon cutting of the new and improved Killick Creek Footbridge. Cutting the ribbon on the new bridge will be Kempsey Shire mayor Liz Campbell, general manager David Rawlings, council engineers and the bridge construction team. Valued at $330,000, the new bridge has been jointly funded by Council and the NSW Government under the Public Reserves Management Fund.

It replaces the old wooden structure which was temporarily repaired after a storm surge in June caused a quarter of it to dislodge and wash upstream.

The new bridge has a similar design to the old but is safer and enables foot traffic to pass in both directions easily. It is 1.8 metres wide and includes a 2.8m viewing platform, allowing access for people in wheelchairs and the local Surf Club in the case of an emergency.

WHEN: Wednesday December 21 at 11am
WHERE: Crescent Head Reserve