Local Businesses


The importance of supporting local businesses

Local businesses in the Macleay Valley Coast region need the support of all visitors to the region to assist them prosper and grow.  So try and remember that when you visit any local business, be it the local butcher, baker or candle stick maker, every dollar that you spend at that business will assist not only that business but other local businesses in the community.  The economic benefits of tourism to the region, from Kempsey to Frederickton, South West Rocks to Hat Head, Gladstone to Bellbrook, Crescent Head to Yarrihapinni, local business owners strive out a living providing services to locals and visitors.  From the local petrol station and newsagents, accommodation providers, holiday house agents and food suppliers, these local businesses are integral to all towns and villages.

The farming community in the Macleay Valley Coast provides an eclectic array replenishing the food bowl, the artisans and craftsman ensure their talents are on display for visitors so they can take home a little piece of memorabilia from their trip.  The local bakers provide fresh baked goodies, the local fisherman provide the freshest seafood fare, the local retailers provide a unique array of clothing, gifts, artwork and antiques.  The hotels, cafes and restaurants you visit in the region can make your trip memorable so please support local businesses in the Macleay Valley Coast.