Jon’s whale-watching tips

whale watching nsw

The Macleay Valley is one of the best places to spot migrating whales and now is the ideal time to observe these beautiful creatures as they migrate south with their calves.

Owner of Fish Rock Dive Centre in South West Rocks Jon Cragg shares his tips for making the most of whale-watching season.

“Now is the best time for whale-watching because, as the whales return with their calves, they tend to hug the coastline and move at a slower pace,” Jon says. “Because of this, they move into shallower waters and we have better interaction with them.”


Top five whale-watching hot spots

1.Trial Bay Gaol

2. Horseshoe Bay

3. Grassy Head

4. Stuarts Point

5. Crescent Head.


Hints for whale-watching


  1. Go now. “July/August is a great time, as the whales are coming close to the coast from now until then end of September.”


  1. Be patient! “So many people just drive out to the headland and give up if they don’t spot a whale straight away. You have to wait a while.”


  1. While it’s easier to spot whales on calm days, the whales often breach more when the weather is a bit wild. “When it’s windy and rough they tend to play around more,” says Jon.


  1. There’s more to see than humpback whales. Make sure you look out for southern right whales, pilot whales and dolphins!


  1. For a closer look at the magnificent creatures you can book a whale watching tour. Fish Rock Dive Centre takes bookings for groups of six or more. Call (02) 6566 6614 or visit for more info.