Knit The Cows Home For The Macleay River Festival!

Local crafter Renee Wilson is undertaking an ambitious art project for the Macleay River Festival on Sunday 20 September at Riverside Park, Kempsey.

‘Knit the Cows Home’ is a public art project that aims to create a herd of whimsical knitted cows along the river to represent the Macleay’s cattle farming heritage. Renee has been busy knitting with residents at Vincent Court Aged Care Hostel, with one cow nearing completion.

Residents of Booroongen Djugun and Macleay Valley House have jumped on board the knitting frenzy and are all happily knitting and purling away for the project with Susie Williams from South West Rocks Arts Council and the Fibre Artists Network also busy making knitted props for the cows.

To kick start the project, Bret Baldwin, store manager at Norco rural supplies and Kempsey Shire Council’s Waste Management Centre have supported the project with the donation of a number of 44 gallon drums.

The Knit the Cows Home team is looking for more donations of knitted strips, saw horses and 44 gallon drums to build more cow structures. If you have any items to donate, please contact Olivia Parker on 6566 3226 or

The Macleay River Festival is a family friendly event which aims to promote the culture, art and stories of the Macleay. Produced by Kempsey Shire Council and Slippry Sirkus and supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.


Kempsey Shire Council,

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