Leanne Davis

I love Kempsey because it’s a community that cares. People in our community are supportive and help each other – whether it’s through a sporting organisation, a church group, a community group, a fund raising committee or a business group – the people of the Macleay Valley Coast support each other.

Kempsey holds lots of wonderful secrets. If you scrape back the surface you will find lots of interesting people doing interesting things that aren’t always visible at first. There are many people in our community passionate about the arts, people, music, food, bush tucker, sports, animals, business, farming, and I am always amazed by the talent that lives quietly in the Macleay community.

There is a great selection of local, independent stores that offer a unique shopping experience. Every store has its own look and they take time to get to know you and look after you. You just don’t get that in the city anymore.

If you’re visiting the area you should take a drive up river and see the countryside – so beautiful. Take a picnic or have lunch at the Bellbrook pub. Try to stop at the river for a swim, skim some stones and look up at the mountains. Seeing the Macleay from a different angle it is truly beautiful.



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