True blue Akubra at Beef Australia

Hats off to the true blue Akubra at Beef Australia

The Morning Bulletin

  BETH Gould would throw her hat in the ring for an Akubra any day and after selling them for 15 years, she’d have a lot to choose from.

Beth, owner of OzHatz, said the Akubra was the hat of the country and the hat of Beef Australia. “The Akubra is an Australian icon and when you think of country, you think of Akubra,” she said. “The Akubra is still made in Kempsey where the factory has been since 1974; it’s a family owned business, in the fifth generation and in 2012 Akubra celebrated its 100th year anniversary, so it’s been a big part of Australia. We’ve been selling Akubras for about 15 years and they’re definitely the most popular hat.

“They’re renowned for their comfort and quality because they are so long lasting, but a big part of it is all about wearing an Australian made and owned product.”

A great deal of work goes into making the iconic Akubra hat.

Beth said it all started from a piece of rabbit fur.

“The hats are made from rabbit fur pelts, there’s about 11 to 13 pelts per hat, and after the fur being used is cleaned, they are then spun in a big machine and get put through a hot water process,” she said.

“After that the fibres in the hat are shrunk down and go through a number of shaping and cutting processes before its final stage of sanding. We’ve been coming to Beef Australia since 2003 and come back every time because we sell a lot of hats here and this is our type of market.

“We have a had a really successful week so far with a lot of people updating their Akubras or buying ones for their children, that’s what’s great about the Akubra it’s a hat that suits everyone.”

An Akubra from OzHatz ranges from $140 to $170.