Wupu Manhatinum or “Travelling Star” Sculpture


The Wupu Manhatinum or “Travelling Star” sculpture is located at the Bellbrook CWA Park, Bellbrook in the Macleay’s hinterland. Wupu Manhatinum represents the Danghatti name for the village of “Bellbrook”.

The sculpture depicts important sites to the Thunghutti people in Bellbrook such as Burrel Bulai (Anderson Sugarloaf Mountain) an important initiation site. Artists who worked on the sculpture include Richard Campbell, Guy Crosley, Esther Quinlin, Elwyn Toby and Caroline Bradshaw and Malcolm Dickson. The mosaic sculpture is created in the same vein as the Mt Yariabini sculpture – marking significant sites to the Dunghutti people in the Macleay.

The sculpture is part of the Dunghutti Story Trail – Dhanggati Wirriyn Yapang project.

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