Wildlife of the Macleay Photographic Exhibition

Wildlife of the Macleay Photographic Exhibition

A stunning photographic exhibition of local native wildlife is now open at the Slim Dusty Centre’s Nulla Nulla Gallery.

Organised by the Macleay Valley Arts Council with support from the Kempsey/Macleay RSL Photography Club, the exhibition showcases one hundred and sixteen “10” x “8” sized images taken by forty-nine local photographers; from high school students through to professional photographers.

The exhibition showcases the incredible variety of wildlife that exists in the Macleay Valley – from insects, reptiles, marsupials, monotremes, birds and marine life, it all draws you in.

We welcome you to come check out this collaborative exhibition for yourself.

490 Macleay Valley Way Kempsey, South Kempsey, 2440
0410 866 766
19/01/2022 – 20/05/2022


Copy of Wildlife of the Macleay Photographic Exhibition

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