Local Businesses


Local businesses in Kempsey

Find all you need with our comprehensive list of local businesses in Kempsey. Kempsey is the commercial hub of the Macleay Valley and you are sure to find all you need. Find out for yourself and maybe spoil yourself on your next visit. Enjoy the friendly service and free parking. With such a large variety of businesses you will find all you need for visitors and locals alike. The laid back country atmosphere and beautiful historic town setting, makes shopping a breeze.

You can find goods and services for the following: Accommodation • activities • animal care • auto car yards &  trailers • boating and fishing • building services • cafe and restaurants • community organisations • computers and IT • dive centres • education • emergency services • event venues • hair and beauty • health and wellbeing • local produce • marketing and promotional • markets • museums, art and culture • outdoor sports supplies • photography • pubs and clubs • real estate agent • retail fashion • retail groceries & food • retail homewares • sports and recreation • telecommunications • tour operators • transport • travel agents • visitor information • wineries.