Mel Timmins

By her own admission, Crescent Head surfer, mum and business owner Mel Timmins is “living the north coast dream”.

Mel is part of a group of ‘surfing mums’ who have created a weekly beach playgroup where each mum has the opportunity to surf while the other women take care of the children.

“It started out with a couple of us who loved surfing but rarely got the chance to go out because we had small children with us 24/7,” Mel says. “It’s great because it allows each mum to have a little time out in the water, knowing that her kids are safe and having fun on the beach and out in nature with their friends.”

Originally from Newcastle, Mel moved to Crescent Head with her husband, Matt, and now six-year-old son, Will, in 2012. The couple have since added two-year-old Abbi to their family.

“I remember coming here with a five-month-old baby and being really nervous about meeting people,” she says. “But I was welcomed with open arms from the beginning. This

community is so friendly and inclusive – it feels like family.”

“I love the whole region and the fact that we have accessibility to some of the most beautiful places that are all so different from each other. If I feel like getting out of Crescent Head for a day, it’s only a 20-minute drive to Gladstone, which has amazing food and heritage and a completely different vibe. We also love going to Hat Head and South West Rocks, which are completely unique again.”

Mel’s passion for her village and local knowledge led her and a friend to spearhead Salt & Wildflowers, a Crescent Head events and styling company.

“Crescent Head has become a popular destination for weddings and events,” she says. “We could see all these brides coming in and bringing vendors from out of town because they didn’t know about all of the amazing businesses we have here. Salt & Wildflowers is all about showcasing local businesses and offering local knowledge.”

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