Pat Indo

Small towns are not often known for cutting-edge street art, but artist Pat Indo has made Crescent Head the exception to the rule.

Pat grew up in Sydney, studying graphic design and working for various advertising agencies and magazines before finding his true calling.

“I got into textile design and from there the art started flowing,” he says. “When I moved into a house with no paintings I decided to create my own and it just went from there.”

Pat’s distinctive style attracted the attention of corporations like ING Direct and Saatchi & Saatchi. Commissions followed and he was invited to be a guest speaker at Vivid Sydney.

During a surfing trip to Crescent Head, Pat met his partner, Kylie, a teacher in Kempsey. He moved to Crescent Head to be with her two years ago, and despite initial reservations about leaving Sydney, he hasn’t looked back.

“Crescent Head is a really supportive community for an artist,” he says. “I painted the street poles and it’s changed the town – people love it.”

The artist finds inspiration in the natural environment and surfing culture that surrounds the village of Crescent Head.

“I love Point Plomer – there’s something mystical about that place,” he says. “I love surfing there and spending time just being there. I feel like the people here are really connected to nature. I also love the fact that the indigenous culture is still very strong.”

Pat has been given free rein to create ever-changing murals on the walls of Crescent Head’s The Blackfish Cafe, an exchange that has benefited both the artist and the café’s owner, Justyn Hope.

“Justyn loves art and we both have a similar vision of what we want to create in this town,” Pat says. “People say they feel like they’re in Melbourne when they sit down here. That’s the impact that art can have on a town.”

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