Peter Hitchins

I’ve lived in the area all my life, and most of my favourite places are underwater off the coast of South West Rocks. Of course, the famous Fish Rock Cave is the obvious stand-out. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity and pleasure of taking visitors from around the world out to experience this place every day.

What many people don’t realise is that we are the southern-most place on the east coast of Australia to have healthy hard and soft corals, tropical clown fish and an amazing array of rare marine species. We also have the largest colony of endangered black cod and Grey Nurse sharks on the entire east coast.

Definitely the best quality of the Macleay Valley is the natural environment both below and above the water. We have world class diving and some of the best national parks situated side by side. I am passionate about preserving the underwater environment in the area so future generations will also be able to experience the natural wonders our oceans have to offer.

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