Macleay River Festival – For Everyone

The Macleay River Festival committee is a group made up of local community members to guide the direction and development of this year’s Macleay River Festival.

The next meeting is to discuss the content of the Festival and will be on Tuesday 25th March, 12pm at Riverside Park and is open to everyone.

“Our hope for the festival is to share the spirit of the Macleay by showcasing, art, culture and stories of the region and to promote the resilience, identity and pride in the community” said Warren Boadle, Manager of Community Relations, Kempsey Shire Council.

“There is a wealth and richness to this community that everyone can enjoy and be proud of. With this in mind Council would like to invite anyone with ideas to contribute in developing the content of this year’s Macleay River Festival to come and meet with the committee next Tuesday.”

The Macleay River Festival main event is on Saturday 20th September at Riverside Park, and will be preceded by events happening all around the Valley.

If you are unable to attend and wish to add your thoughts then please forward them by phone or in writing to Olivia Parker, Community Projects Officer, Arts & Culture on 02 6566 3226 or email


Kempsey Shire Council