Council launches new Macleay Valley investment information kit

Council launches new Macleay Valley investment information kit


The opportunities and benefits of investing and doing business in the Macleay Valley have been highlighted in a new investment information pack targeting people considering establishing a businesses in Kempsey, South West Rocks, Crescent Head and surrounding areas.


The 2015-16 Macleay Valley Welcome Pack has been provided to local real estate agents to assist with their commercial enquiries, as well as to local banks and credit unions to support their commercial business enquiries.


Featuring data on the Macleay’s economic profile, the Pack also features a series of stunning photographs of the Macleay and contains useful information on areas of strategic economic focus, local and links, community and lifestyle and climate. Useful contact information is also included.

The pack is available in both hard and electronic copies and is accessible either through Council’s Economic Sustainability Unit, or at or
“This is an extremely valuable marketing tool and we are happy to make copies of it available to anyone in our community involved in marketing and promoting the Macleay as a great place to do business,” said Council’s Manager, Economic Sustainability Susannah Smith.


Ms Smith also confirmed a new billboard at Frederickton would be erected in February aimed at encouraging people to live, visit and invest in the Macleay Valley.


“The billboard is in a good, visible location and will target both south and north-bound traffic travelling along Macleay Valley Way,” she said.


“Council appreciates the generosity of the Eversons family in allowing us to use this site free of charge, as most commercial billboards can be a costly way to advertise.”


Anyone interested in obtaining copies of the Welcome Pack for potential business contacts can contact Council’s Economic Sustainability Unit, phone 6566 3122.