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Macleay Valley Coast Art Trail

Macleay Valley Coast Art Trail

Welcome to the Macleay Valley Coast Art Trail, where local artists bring their visions to life against the backdrop of the beautiful Macleay Valley. You’ll be surprised as you encounter a variety of mediums, from traditional to contemporary as you immerse yourself in the thriving arts and culture scene.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a new and exciting adventure, the Macleay Valley Coast Art Trail has something for everyone. Enchant yourself with the vibrant art scene of the Macleay Valley Coast and experience the magic of this beautiful region firsthand. Embark on this artistic adventure today and let culture surround you at every turn.

Artist Highlights

Jason Ridgeway

Jason is a proud Aboriginal artist from the Dunghutti/Thunghutti Nation of Kempsey. He is passionate about his culture and sharing knowledge with the next generation. Jason has evolved into a successful artist who works across various mediums for a broad range of customers and corporate clients. His stunning creations can be found on apparel, signage, murals, corporate branding and even surfboards. You can view more of his works through his website

Daniel Hend & Busta Marr

Growing up in Mullumbimby, Daniel Hend was taught how to paint traditional landscapes by his father, artist Len Hend. Daniel’s works extend from fine surrealist pieces and surreal felt tip drawings to vivid impressionist landscapes, native flora and fauna pieces, and murals. View more of his works on

Busta Marr is a Dunghutti artist who grew up in Burnt Bridge, Kempsey. He works in a contemporary style incorporating Aboriginal motifs and figures into traditional landscape. Busta has been involved in several public art projects in Kempsey Shire including the Wupu Manhatinum sculpture in Bellbrook and the Macleay Valley poles project.

Indo the Artist

Patrick Indo is an award-winning and prolific street artist from Crescent Head. With a distinct contemporary pop style, his works have been featured in magazines, television and festivals. Indo has collaborated with commercial brands as well as community-based projects in Kempsey and surrounds. Several of his public artworks can be found in Kempsey including the Flood Marker pole in Clyde St Mall, the Crescent Head amenities and murals at Blackfish Cafe and the Mediterranean Hotel. You can find more of his work at