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Top surf spots on the Macleay Valley Coast

With hundreds of kilometres of coastline, the Macleay Valley Coast is a popular destination for surfers. Join surfers from around the world who flock to the renowned Crescent Head Surfing Reserve, or venture further afield to discover your own secluded break.

Crescent Head Point

Famous for a long, slow right hand wave that peels off the point in almost any sized swell, the Crescent Head Point is well suited to long boards. This is where you’ll find long right-handers that seem to go on forever along with the pandanus-fringed vistas and fashionable spectators that give Crescent Head it’s sun-soaked seventies vibe.

For the best chance of getting a wave (and possibly enjoying the longest ride of your life) paddle out at the point early in the morning. If you’re a beginner, surf lessons can be booked with local operators On Point Surf School, Crescent Head Learn to Surf School and Surfaris Surf Camp.

Racecourse Beach

Head to Racecourse when the conditions are right and you’ll likely have the waves all to yourself (or at least only a handful of fellow surfers). It’s a stunning beach with sizeable waves that break beautifully for the lucky few who stumble upon it at the perfect time.

Surfing at The Point in Crescent Head

Big Hill

Once a well-kept secret, Big Hill is now a favourite with locals and visitors due to its beginner-friendly right-handers and picturesque location beside a coastal rainforest.

Point Plomer

Another favourite with long boarders, Point Plomer features an excellent right hand point break. It can be crowded during summer, as the beach is lined by a very popular campground, but advanced surfers will find equally good waves down the beach a little, or at Back Plomer (also known as Queens).

Hungry Gate

Located on the southern side of Hat Head, with Crescent Head further to the south, Hungry Gate juts out to the east, catching the swell to create potentially excellent waves for advanced surfers.

Surfing at sunrise

Goolawah Beach (Back Beach)

Goolawah Beach is on the southern side of Reservoir Lookout on Big Nobby in Crescent Head. The corner of Back Beach is one of the few protected spots in a north-east wind and is worth the walk from the car park down if you want to enjoy a fun left hand point break.

Grassy Head

Grassy Head Beach is an excellent surfing beach with a great right hander peeling off the point and a beach break further up the beach that shifts as the sand bar forms and reforms.

Racecourse Beach, Crescent Head

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