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Koolah Creek Highlands

Koolah Creek Highlands

Koolah Creek Highlands is a boutique Highland Cattle stud where you can get up close and personal with gorgeous Highland cows!

The Koolah Creek Highland Cattle Experience is designed to offer a truly unique and immersive farm experience. During the Experience, you’ll have the opportunity to pat, brush and cuddle with friendly Highland cows, hand-feed them treats, learn about their care, and meet the adorable baby calves.

The Experience is offered as a private session only to ensure it is personal and intimate, tailored to your own interests. As your hosts guide you through the picturesque farm, you’ll witness their special connection with each of the animals.

Koolah Creek also offers professional photography sessions with the Highlands. More than simply a photoshoot – these are a unique and unforgettable opportunity to meet, pat, brush, cuddle and connect with Highland Cattle, with every special moment captured by talented professional photographers.

Bookings are essential for all visits, as Koolah Creek is a working farm.

Koolah Creek is located in Langley Vale, on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Just 10 minutes drive off the Pacific Highway between Taree and Port Macquarie, it is only two hours from Newcastle, three hours from Sydney, and conveniently located near popular holiday destinations.

122 Koolah Creek Road Kempsey, Langley Vale, 2426