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West End Circuit Walk

West End Circuit Walk

Distance: 5.5 kilometres
Difficulty: Easy

This is an easy walk in the bush just south of Kempsey. It can be done in conjunction with the mountain bike trails.

The Macleay Valley Mountain Bikers have established more than 20 kilometres of Kalateenee Mountain Bike Trails. The trailhead is located at Kempsey Golf Club approximately 3.4 kilometres from the centre of Kempsey. Detailed maps are displayed at several points.

While mountain bikers welcome walkers on the trails, be aware of bike riders – especially on weekends.

This walk starts a little further south and mainly follows State Forest Roads. It incorporates a short section of the bike trails.

Start at West End Rd, at the back of the wrecker’s yard. Follow West End Rd for 1.1 kilometres to an intersection where a bike track leads straight ahead. Take the bike track and follow it for about 800 metres to Gate Rd.

Turn left into Gate Rd. Walk 1.5 kilometres. At an intersection, the road straight ahead as well as the fork to the left are both called Grass Tree Rd. Take the left. Follow it for about 2 kilometres and you reach the roundabout. Keep left to get back to the starting point.

Credit: Macleay Walking Trails by Christa Schwoebel and John Cruickshanks


West End Road
South Kempsey, 2440