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How to gear up for a weekend exploring the Nature Trails of the Macleay

With an abundance of picturesque trails that stretch from beautiful coastline to stunning hinterland, the Macleay Valley Coast is a nature lover’s paradise. From walking tracks to mountain biking and 4WD trails, there is something for people of all skill levels and abilities.

We’ve put together a guide for how to gear up for a weekend of exploring so you can have the best experience possible.


While we’re all for spontaneity, sometimes it’s best to plan ahead. With some trails requiring permits or passes and others suited to a four-wheel drive over a standard vehicle, it’s best to do some research before heading out. With so many options, narrowing it down to what you can fit in a weekend will be hard, but hey, you could always extend your trip or save it for next time.

The sites and experiences highlighted on our Nature Trails of the Macleay page take you to 8 unique locations across the Macleay and provide insight into the Aboriginal ties to that location through stories – these stories an also be found on signs that have been erected across the region, a good thing to keep an eye out for as you explore.

Bonus: Check out NSW National Parks for even more inspiration and information.


Make sure you have everything you need to have a fun and safe time exploring.


  • Shoes that will get you where you want to go – protective & comfortable.
  • Keep hydrated – bring plenty of water.
  • Slip, slop, slap – don’t forget to be sun safe, pack a hat & sunscreen.
  • Know where you’re going – best to pack a hard copy map, just in case your phone dies on you during your journey, or there’s little signal.

Mountain Biking

  • This should be obvious but don’t forget that helmet!
  • Consider wearing a backpack packed with a few handy items including a first aid kit, water, snacks and that trusty hard copy map.

Four-Wheel Driving

  • Make sure to have a full tank of petrol, especially if you’re heading out into the Hinterland where stations are a little harder to come by.
  • A two-way radio can be a handy way to stay in touch with those you’re travelling with, or to reach out for help if the need arises.
  • Don’t forget that good ol’ map!

And if you’re planning on going solo, let someone know where you’re headed and when you expect to get back.


The most important part – enjoy it! With so much to see, do and discover, make sure you take the time to soak it all in.

  • Enjoy the experience with friends, family or even someone you just met.
  • Capture a moment in time – a quick snap for the feed never goes astray.
  • Try something new!
  • Tell others about your adventures and share you recommendations for the @macleayvalleycoast.