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Back Creek
Back Creek


Nature Trails of the Macleay is a diverse collection of  walking, biking and 4WD trails that span across the Macleay. Offering a natural experience for everyone, the network of trails are not just connected by their respective locations but also by their rich Indigenous roots.

Learn more about the history of Back Creek, then journey out to experience it yourself by exploring the nearby trails and points of interest described below.

Wayikarr marrung barrigu

Welcome to Dhanggati Country

The Dhanggati name for South West Rocks is Wuumung.

This place, where the river meets the sea, is Dhanggati Saltwater Country. Dhanggati Saltwater People have had a profound connection to Country for thousands of years.

We invite you to experience our relaxed lifestyle and enjoy Mother Nature at her best.

Dhanang, marrangga barriya


You(all), be well in Dhanggati country!

Learn some words in the Dhanggati Language:

sea – yalaanggur

fishing – biruwuyi

swimming – yalaatayi

diving – dhuragati

mud crab – burambayn

pelicans – minakurr

stingray – biluun

mullets – mandharr

blackfish – warraakan

eagles – bilabang

turtle – dhawarr

dolphin – badarr

mackerel – yaliyurr

whale – guluwan

creek – bita

We acknowledge the source of this information, the Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative Dhanggati Grammar and Dictionary with Dhanggati Stories. We also acknowledge that the spelling of Dhanggati/Dunghutti may vary. Artwork based on graphics provided by Nancy Pattison.