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Tamban Forest Walk

Tamban Forest Walk

Distance: 5-6 kilometres
Difficulty: Easy

This is a pleasant walk through State Forest on maintained forestry roads. Drive from Kempsey via Frederickton to Tamban Forest in Collombatti.

Park at the corner of Range Rd and Bakers Rd. Walk in an anti-clockwise circuit about 1.7 kilometres along Range Rd. Turn left into Cooks Rd, walk 600m. Turn left again and walk 1.7 kilometres along Jocks Rd. Left once more and walk 500 metres on Bakers Rd back to the start.

At the corner of Cooks Rd and Jocks Rd, there is a possible short extension of less than 1 kilometre by turning right on Jocks Rd to a lovely creek and return to the corner of Cooks Rd.

Credit: Macleay Walking Trails by Christa Schwoebel and John Cruickshanks.


Collombatti, 2440