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Boorganna Nature Reserve

Boorganna Nature Reserve

Established in 1904, Boorganna Nature Reserve is the second-oldest nature reserve in all of NSW. It’s located on the southern edge of Comboyne Plateau and protects a significant remnant of rainforest, which once covered the entire landscape.

Take your time soaking up the beautiful and varied scenery here, which encompasses no less than six types of rainforest among nearly 400ha of diverse vegetation, ranging from eucalypt forest to luxuriant subtropical rainforest.

The reserve is popular with birdwatchers, as there are some 85 species you can encounter here. There’s lots of other wildlife to see, including interesting and vulnerable species you don’t often see elsewhere, such as long-nosed potoroos, parma wallabies, and yellow-bellied gliders.

Keen photographers will want to capture the impressive views you’ll encounter here, from sweeping panoramic views of the Great Dividing Range to the calm, green rolling hills of the plateau, as well as the lovely Rawson Falls with its dramatic 40m high falls.

Kempsey, Boorganna, 2429
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