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Exploring Accessibility: A guide to an inclusive holiday

Nestled along the eastern coast of New South Wales, the Macleay Valley Coast offers a picturesque landscape of pristine beaches, lush hinterlands, and charming towns. For many, the allure of this region is irresistible, beckoning travellers from all walks of life. Fortunately, the Macleay Valley Coast is committed to ensuring accessibility for all, making it an ideal destination for an inclusive and memorable getaway. 

Beach Mobility

One of the highlights of the Macleay Valley Coast is the stunning beaches. Hat Head, Crescent Head and Horseshoe Bay in South West Rocks now offer accessible amenities, such as beach wheelchairs, ramps, and accessible restrooms. Two Beach wheelchairs and a beach rollator walker are now available for free day hire. For more information and how to hire these services, visit the Kempsey Shire Council

Wheelchair accessible trails

Exploring the regions natural beauty by visiting its national parks and nature reserves is a must when in the region. Many walking trails along the coast feature smooth surfaces, gentle gradients and accessible lookout points. Look for designated accessible trails and boardwalks for a scenic journey through coastal landscapes. Crescent Head is a National Surfing Reserve, ‘The Point’ features a beautifully scenic path to the base of Little Nobby where you can spot surfers doing their thing on this iconic surf break. Horseshoe Bay also has a picturesque path around the headland with 360 degree views of Trial Bay, The Gaol, the Macleay Valley River mouth, around to the mountains in the west.


Planning a holiday is an exciting endeavor, but finding suitable accommodations can sometimes pose a challenge. Fortunately, the Malceay Valley Coast is committed to ensuring that all visitors can enjoy a comfortable and inclusive stay.  These are our top picks for a holiday filled with comfort and ease.  

 – THE MED – Crescent Head

 – SALT – South West Rocks


  –  COSTA RICA MOTEL – South West Rocks


Before booking accommodation, it’s advisable to directly inquire about specific accessibility features and discuss any special requirements to ensure a comfortable stay. Additionally, online travel platforms often allow you to filter accommodations based on accessibility features, making it easier to find suitable options to suit your holiday requirements. 


These activities and accommodation suggestions were carefully curated for the whole family to enjoy. By researching accommodations, asking questions and planning ahead, you will get the most out of this coastal region. So pack your bags, book your accommodation, and get ready to explore with peace of mind and confidence.