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As part of its post-Bypass Economic Strategy, Kempsey Shire Council is committed to partnering with the local business community to significantly strengthen the Macleay Valley Coast’s profile, reputation and appeal as a holiday and investment destination.

Funding from Destination NSW ($35,000), matched by funding from Council ($35,000) and industry ($35,000) has provided the Macleay with the financial leverage required to rebrand our destination, in order to drive visitation, encourage investment and promote local businesses.

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More dollars for the Macleay economy

As a destination for visitors, investors and lifestyle sectors the visitor economy is currently worth an estimated $173M annually, with domestic travellers (mostly families) by far our largest market.

Directly, these dollars flow to accommodation providers, attractions, tour operators and restaurants. Indirectly, many dollars also flow to retailers, service providers and other support businesses.

Awareness of our other local businesses is critical and for this reason the new website features the most up to date and current directory for local businesses. The directory is easy to navigate, gives a great quality profile of your business, provides essential contact information and links and, most significantly, puts your business in front of the lucrative visitor market which includes locals.

This is an area council will continue to invest in as the visitor economy is a largely untapped area with significant potential return to the local economy.

What’s in it for my business?

That’s easy. More visitors, investment and promotion of local businesses equals more dollars to your business. Additionally, we are offering all our industry partners the following:

  • Exposure at the new website
  • webpage with business description and direct link to your website
  • this most up to date business directory (with over 170 businesses signed up)
  • aims to be the largest business directory for the Macleay
  • Exposure from the Macleay Valley Coast official tourism newsletter ‘Discover’ sent quarterly to an exclusive list
  • Automatic membership to the Macleay Valley Coast Tourism Association
  • Brochure at the visitor information centre (Kempsey and South West Rocks)
  • Regular industry emails and networking events.

A targeted campaign that says who, what and WHERE we are

  • Creates strong and consistent branding across the website, marketing collateral, promotional banners and highway billboards at Telegraph Point, Clybucca, Tamworth, Grafton and Taree.
  • Alerts consumers to the convenient geographic proximity of the Macleay Valley Coast and encourages visitation
  • Promotes the Macleay’s major attractions and natural assets through quality photography, professional copywriting and appealing design
  • Redesigned the website to align with the new branding, provide simpler access to key destination and booking information and link with social media tools and electronic database management newsletters direct to consumers to promote hot deals and upcoming events.
  • Directs a powerful and compelling quarterly ‘Discovery’ newsletter
  • The Launch of the new printed brochure reflecting the new branding for use at the VICs and at trade shows
  • Features the Macleay Valley Coast in the ‘Sydney Weekender’ Channel 7 television series*

Campaign Timeframe

The campaign will run from 1 July 2013 and ending on 30 June 2014 (12 months) keeping with the Macleay Valley Coast’s (draft) 2013-2016 Destination Management Plan. This campaign will be reviewed and refreshed annually.


Business Type Definition Campaign Commitment Campaign Commitment
Attractions Natural or man-made tourism attractions $499*
Accommodation providers (over 50 beds) Motels, hotels, caravan parks, B&Bs, hostels etc $499*
Accommodation providers (under 50 beds) Motels, hotels, caravan parks, B&Bs, hostels etc $349*
Eateries / Pubs/Clubs (10 x or more staff) Restaurants, cafés, take-aways $399*
Eateries / Pubs/Clubs (10 x or less staff) Restaurants, cafés, take-aways $149*
Retailers Retails shops and outlets $186*
Trade related businesses Trade business including plumbers, electricians, mechanic’s etc. $186*
Other businesses Other businesses within the Macleay that recognise the benefits of local website and directory presence $186*

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