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Festival of Small Halls Summer Tour 2024: Bobin

Festival of Small Halls Summer Tour 2024: Bobin

Festival of Small Halls has announced that Ryan Young and Alana Wilkinson will feature on their upcoming Summer Tour 2024: Woodford Folk Festival to Illawarra Folk Festival.

This tour marks the 37th venture into rural, regional and remote areas of the country, with a van full of bunting, instruments, and folk spirit.

The Summer Tour 2024 will commence at Woodford Folk Festival, before heading south and inland, then crossing the Great Dividing Range and heading back north up the coast, stopping at the Illawarra Folk Festival along the way.

Festival of Small Halls Summer Tour 2024 starts at the Woodford Folk Festival before heading south to Yetman. The tour continues to 16 communities across New South Wales, including the Illawarra Folk Festival before concluding at Wardell.

Tickets on sale and available via the website.


Bobin, 2429


25/01/2024 – 25/01/2024


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