Visit Smoky Cape Lighthouse


Perched high on a headland in the beautiful Hat Head National Park, Smoky Cape Lighthouse is the most elevated lighthouse in NSW, offering spectacular views across the Pacific Ocean.

Completely surrounded by natural bushland and gleaming blue ocean, it’s a must see. The lighthouse itself is as gorgeous as the views, with its dramatic winding staircase and white, octagonal tower. Take a picnic, or just spend some time exploring the area and spotting whales from this perfect vantage point.

The lighthouse is still fully operational, guiding ships to safety around the infamous Smoky Cape. Guided tours of the lighthouse are available by phoning (02) 6566 6301.

Or if you’d prefer to experience the splendid isolation of life as a lighthouse keeper why not stay a night or two at the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottages? Built in 1891 the cottages have been fully renovated and provide very comfortable accommodation. Phone (02) 6566 6301 for bookings.

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Lighthouse Road