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A Stroll to the Beach Walk

A Stroll to the Beach Walk

Distance: 1.5 kilometres or as far as you want to go
Difficult: Easy

When in Stuarts Point, crossing the bridge over the Macleay Arm is almost a must. Even just standing on the bridge, watching the fish or just the pattern of sunlight in the water can entertain for quite some time.

Park near the Stuarts Point Holiday Park. From the car parking area cross the bridge.

Walk along the path through a variety of vegetation – from mangroves to pigface and beach spinifex – to the ocean.

If you want to go further, you can turn right along the beach towards South West Rocks – as far as the Macleay River mouth. The distance is about 5km. Return the same way.

The other option is to turn left towards Grassy Head. See walk to Grassy Head for more details.

Credit: Macleay Walking Trails by Christa Schwoebel and John Cruickshanks


Marine Parade
Stuarts Point, 2441