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Bellbrook Walk

Bellbrook Walk

Bellbrook is a village in the Macleay Valley Hinterland, registered on the National Trust and the National Estate.

The 45-minute (53-kilometre) drive from Kempsey to Bellbrook is part of this experience. At approx. 45 kilometre there is a lookout with a wonderful view of the valley towards Bellbrook.

The best place to start and end any walk-in Bellbrook is at the pub. Besides the usual offer of drinks and meals, you can take the opportunity to chat with locals and admire the view from the verandah.

The following three walks can be combined into one:

Short Stroll
1.2-kilometre circuit – Easy

For the short stroll as recommended by the Historical Society, walk 250 metres along Main Street towards Armidale. At the General Store corner turn right into Ford Street. After 250 metres, turn right into Nulla Nulla Street and right again at Thunggutti Drive which takes you back to the pub at Main Street. This walk can be extended by starting with a visit to the Macleay River Bridge. From the bridge, you can also choose to venture further out into the farmland.

Along the track to the bridge…
At the back of the pub, there is a narrow track leading down the riverbank and along the edge of the riverbed to the bridge. Keep to the right under the trees until you come to Toose Road. Turn left to the bridge for a view of the river. To go back to the village, turn around and follow Toose Street up the hill to Main Street.

And further out into the countryside…
Cross the bridge and you come to a fork in the road. Right is the continuation of Toose Road, and left is Rossiter Road. You can take either road and walk as far as you wish. You will return the same way.

Difficulty: Easy


Main Street
Bellbrook, 2440