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Circumnavigating Korogoro Point “The Hat” Walking Track

Circumnavigating Korogoro Point “The Hat” Walking Track

Distance: 4 kilometres *allow 2 hours or more
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Walk south through the caravan park and cross the footbridge. Keep left. The well-maintained track leads north, parallel to the creek. After 600 metres, turn east above the sea where the track becomes a little more difficult and is recommended for “experienced bushwalkers only”. A sloping rock face has to be crossed and might be slippery when wet. There are a few high rock steps up and down along the track.

As you look down into the sea, you might see schools of fish, dolphins, or turtles. After about 500 metres it is possible to go down to a little beach. The track is not defined. Swimming depends on the tide and surf.

Another 500 metres further along, there is a sign warning of a dangerous track ahead. You can go straight ahead with care to the very end onto the point and then back-track to this fork.

From here, the track is steep for about 200 metres. Often there are kangaroos around this area.

Now you just keep going south high above the sea. During the season, the point and the track south offer great opportunities for whale watching. There is a small rocky island below. The very adventurous may want to go down the steep grassy slope. The island itself can only be reached at low tide.

Continue to “The Gap”. From there turn either at the edge of the shrubs or on the road back to the pedestrian bridge and the caravan park.

You can also do the walk the other way around.

Credit: Macleay Walking Trails by Christa Schwoebel and John Cruickshanks


1 Straight Street
Hat Head, 2440