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Dondingalong Forest Walk

Dondingalong Forest Walk

Distance: 7.5 kilometres
Difficulty: Easy

At the Maria River State Forest sign on Pipers Creek Rd you can park and start walking on the numbered trails. All of them are quite well maintained. Not all the trails are signposted. On first glance, it looks complicated, but it’s not really difficult if you follow the instructions carefully.

Follow West End Rd for 1.1 kilometres to an intersection where a bike track starts, leading straight ahead. Turn left, staying on the road. After about 800 metres you’ll reach Gate Rd.

At the fork, turn left.

Follow this unnamed trail for 1.2 kilometres to the T section.

Turn right at Cpt 31/6 trail. Walk 700 metres to the T section

Turn right at Cpt 31/1 trail and walk 700 metres.

Turn left at Cpt 31/3 and walk a total of 1.8 kilometres. There are two roads branching off on the left. Ignore them.

At the junction where Cpt 31/3 trail leads into Myers Lane, turn right at Cpt 31/4 trail. Follow Cpt 31/4 trail for 2.2 kilometres, veering right at the fork, back to Cpt 31/1.

Turn left. From here it’s about 600 metres to the cars.

Along the trail, you might find cut logs which are very inviting for a rest.

There are other trails in the area which you might like to explore.

Credit: Macleay Walking Trails by Christa Schwoebel and John Cruickshanks


Pipers Creek Road
Dondingalong, 2440