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East Kempsey Walk

East Kempsey Walk

This walk includes a lovely section along the riverbank and a Landcare tree planting project. It provides an opportunity to go to Rudder Park Lookout and have refreshments at Chaddies.

From Riverside Park walk towards the Kempsey Traffic Bridge. Go under the bridge to reach the footpath leading onto the bridge and cross over to the other bank. Go down the steps on the left at the end of the bridge. Turn right and follow the path along the riverbank.

After about 500 metres, see the shed used by the local Landcare Group and towards the right is an area of afforestation. You can either stay close to the river or follow the path through the more recently planted trees.

After another 200 metres you reach the Presbyterian Church grounds. Turn right, and walk through the ground to Rudder Street. Turn right, walk about 300 metres, turn left onto Bissett Street, right into Innes Street and right into Gill Street to Lord Street (the old Highway).

Cross the road at the pedestrian refuge island. Turn left. If you wish, you can turn right into Gabriel Avenue a short dead-end road where there are some lovely early buildings, such as ‘Shaweetah’ at the end of the Avenue. This house was built in 1910 for Mr O. O. Dangar and Alderman of the first Borough Council.

Return to the highway, turn right and right again to the Rudder Park Lookout. There is a good view of Riverside Park, the CBD and the mountains beyond. On the return walk, to reach the walkway on the right side of the bridge, you can cross the highway at the pedestrian island or go to the underpass at the beginning of the bridge.

Cross over the bridge, turn right and right again.

Before returning over the bridge, you might like to sit down for refreshments at Chaddies.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Verge Street
Kempsey, 2440