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Gladstone to Smithtown Walk

Gladstone to Smithtown Walk

Distance: 6 kilometres
Difficulty: Easy

Linked by a traffic bridge, Gladstone and Smithtown are located on opposite banks of the Macleay River.

Gladstone invites one to explore several cafes, the Heritage Hotel, interesting shops and the Kempsey Shire Community Art Gallery. The very popular Gladstone Quality Markets are on the 3rd Sunday of every month from 9 am to 2 pm.

Smithtown is home to the long-established Nestle factory, famous for the original production of Milo.

The walk is mostly flat with a gentle rise at the bridge.

Start at the Gladstone Park, opposite the Heritage Hotel. Plenty of parking is available.

Walk north along Kinchela Street towards the bridge.

Cross the river. At the end of the bridge is a footpath on the left leading down to Croads Esplanade. Turn right into Main Street and then left into any of the streets leading South and ending at the Park on the bend of the Macleay River. The park adjoins the Nestle factory. Picnic tables and big beautiful trees are a good invitation to take a rest.

You can choose a different street in Smithtown for the return walk.

Credit: Macleay Walking Trails by Christa Schwoebel and John Cruickshanks


21 Kinchela Street
Gladstone, 2440