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Over the Top Walking Track

Over the Top Walking Track

This walk up and down the steep slopes of Big Nobby in Crescent Head should be taken slowly. Frequent stops allow you to take in the fabulous views along the coast.

Start from the car park near the Crescent Head Surf Club. As you walk towards little Nobby there are always surfers to be watched on the left, the northern side of the track. As you come to Pebbly Beach on your right, walk along the left edge of the golf course up towards the water towers. There, you can observe the artwork by local Indigenous artist Milton Budge and intricate mosaics designed by Guy Crosley on the water towers.

Keep going upwards on the far left side of the golf course where a seat invites you to rest and a track starts leading up to the lookout near the large water tower on top of Big Nobby. Here you can see for kilometres to both north and south. During migration season, there is also a good chance to spot whales.

Walk around the left side of the water tower. At the end of the low traffic barriers, you find an unmarked path leading down into the scrub towards a monument for a fisherman who drowned more than 100 years ago. Watch your steps. The path is narrow, and rocky and sometimes forms snares.

The path continues past the monument and leads down to Back Beach. The rock formations at the foot of Big Nobby are an invitation to sit and have another rest.

Walk approx 400 metres along the beach and turn right at the vehicle access. Walk another 400 metres past car parking areas, then turn right through the boom gates into Paul Clancy Trail. The path leads back to the built-up area of Crescent Head. Follow Kinchela Street and wind your way through the streets past the Tavern and Country Club to the Surf Club.

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult


Reserve Road
Crescent Head, 2440