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South to East Kempsey Walk

South to East Kempsey Walk

This walk takes you on the footpath across the railway bridge to South Kempsey, then to East Kempsey, through the cemetery and the twists and turns of the residential area.

The starting point is the Sydney Street/Verge Lane carpark.

From the carpark, cross Sydney Street and walk diagonally across the playing fields towards the railway line. At Eden Street, turn right. Walk under the railway line, then turn left towards the river. Near the riverbank, steps lead up to the pedestrian path on the railway bridge. On the South side of the bridge you reach Railway Street. After 200m turn left, go over the bridge crossing the railway and walk about 300m along Bloomfield Street.

On the left is a small park, opposite the corner of Macquarie Street, go about 100m through the park, then turn right into Druitt Street. At the end you reach Lachlan Street, the old Highway.

Turn left, cross with care and, on the other side, turn right into Gordon Rees Street, which leads into the East Kempsey Cemetery.

You can take your time exploring the graves while walking down the hill towards East Street.

Turn left at East Street, walk up the hill towards Lord Street. Turn right into the side road parallel to the main road. After 200m turn right into Colin Dickson Street, walk down the hill and turn left into Craig Street. Turn left into Gill Street.

From Gill Street, cross over then turn into Innes Street. Turn left into Herborne Avenue and walk down to ‘Chaddies Store’ on Rudder Street.

From Chaddies, cross Rudder Street and take the footpath over the Kempsey Traffic Bridge. At the end of the bridge turn right, go down to the footpath on the riverbank, turn right again and go under the bridge.

Walkthrough Riverside Park to the end of the path and turn right into John Street. Cross over Eden Street into Austral Street to the end and you are in Sydney Street. Turn right to the carpark where you began.