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Stuarts Point to Grassy Head Walk

Stuarts Point to Grassy Head Walk

Distance: 10 kilometres
Difficulty: Easy

A circular walk along the beach and back on the footpath parallel to the road- or reverse.

This walk begins with a stroll across the Stuarts Point bridge to the beach.

Turn north and walk for about 2 kilometres to the access to the Grassy Head Holiday Park.

The track is made clearly visible by 4-wheel-drive tyre marks. Walk through the Holiday park, then proceed along Reserve Road to Grassy Head Road.

There is a footpath parallel to the road all the way to Stuarts Point Road. Turn left, back into the village of Stuarts Point and the car park.

There are alternative options on the return walk.

Walk 3.3 kilometres along Grassy Head Road and turn left. Walk about 1 kilometre on a sandy track. When you reach a track near the water, turn right. Another 2 kilometres back to the car park.

Walk about 4 kilometres along Grassy Head Road, then turn left to built-up areas of Stuarts Point to Walter Conn Road. There you may turn right onto Fourth Ave, or cross the Sports Fields, or go as far as Marine Parade, then right and back to the car park.

Credit: Macleay Walking Trails by Christa Schwoebel and John Cruickshanks


Stuarts Point, 2441