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Gladstone Heritage Buildings

Gladstone Heritage Buildings

Gladstone is a must visit while you are in the Macleay, the quaint village is home to 19 beautifully preserved buildings which host local art galleries, an emporium, artisan finds and boutique shopping sourced both locally and internationally.

Stretching along the banks of the Macleay river it is a relaxing and beautiful village making shopping a delightful experience. The Hub is a collective of businesses offering carefully crafted handmade products, gifts, coffee and wholesome health foods.

After exploring, dine out at one of the many cafes, restaurants or the local pub. Trading hours for majority of the shops is Wednesday-Sunday, closing Monday-Tuesday. Opening hours throughout the holidays may change to open all days.
For an extra treat to the retail senses, visit on Gladstone Quality Market day, which falls on the third Sunday of the month at Gladstone Park.

Kinchela Street Kempsey, Gladstone, 2440
1800 642 480


Macleay Valley Community Art Gallery

Mokea Designs

The Gladstone Hub

Whole and Happy