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Crescent Head
Crescent Head

DISCOVER Crescent Head

Nature Trails of the Macleay is a diverse collection of  walking, biking and 4WD trails that span across the Macleay. Offering a natural experience for everyone, the network of trails are not just connected by their respective locations but also by their rich Indigenous roots.

Learn more about the history of Crescent Head, then journey out to experience it yourself by exploring the nearby trails and points of interest described below.

Saltwater Country

The saltwater people of the Macleay Valley have a profound connection with the ocean and its resources. Saltwater Country has been home to the Dhanggati for thousands of years and is embodied in all aspects of cultural, social and economic life.

The interaction of saltwater people and dolphins, along coastal New South Wales, has been well documented. This cooperative relationship centres around fishing for sea mullet which migrate up and down the coast during specific seasons.

Along the Macleay Coast dolphins were called in a variety of ways including using river stones, hand clapping, hitting the water with spears and calling out in Dhanggati. The dolphins would then herd fish into the waiting nets, taking their share in the process.

The dolphin, baddar, is an important Dhanggati totem or bagarr.

It is said that during the Dreaming, Barrunbatayi, the creators spoke to the Elders about the treasures of the earth…freshwater is yours for cleansing and saltwater to harvest.

We acknowledge that the spelling of Dhanggati/Dunghutti may vary. Turtle graphic by Tony Flanders. All other graphics by Uncle “Brian” Milton Budge.