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Grassy Head
Grassy Head

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Nature Trails of the Macleay is a diverse collection of  walking, biking and 4WD trails that span across the Macleay. Offering a natural experience for everyone, the network of trails are not just connected by their respective locations but also by their rich Indigenous roots.

Learn more about the history of Grassy Head, then journey out to experience it yourself by exploring the nearby trails and points of interest described below.

The Koala Brothers and the Tiger Cat

This story combines Creation stories including How The Ocean Was Made and the Formation of Yarrahappinni Mountain.

It is the story of two Sand Goanna sisters and a young man who stayed behind when the tribe went away to war.

The young man said to the younger sister… I want to marry you!

The older sister replied… No! It’s me you should marry.

But the young man insisted… I’m going to marry you, younger one.

They continued to argue until the young man threatened the sisters and they killed him. The sisters were angry that the tribe had left the young man behind. They created the ocean to cut off the tribe.

Two young Koala Brothers rescued the tribe by using their intestines to make a magic bridge.

Back on land, the Tiger Car began tormenting the ocean which formed waves that threatened to drown the tribe. Once again, the Koala Brothers saved the tribe by sending waves to drown the Tiger Car.

With the tribe safe on land one Koala went underground to Bald Hill. The other Koala went into a save that led to Yarriabini. This koala was met by an enemy who cut him up with two boomerangs. The Koala’s head rolled downhill creating a gully on the south side of the mountain, while three body parts became the three peaks of Yarriabini.

Yarrahapinni is Yarri yapani in Dhanggati and Yarriabini in Gumbaynggir.

We acknowledge the source of this story, the Dreaming Story Collection and Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative Dhanggati Grammar and Dictionary with Dhangghati Stories. We also acknowledge that the spelling of Dhanggati/Dunghutti may vary.

There are many versions to Dreaming stories passed from generation to generation, however, all versions have the same moral. Koala brothers graphic provided by Hannah Smith.