Nulla from the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail

Nulla from the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail


You can find Nulla the Koala at the Macleay Valley Coast Visitor Centre at the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey.

Nulla is a part of the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail – a bold, ambitious and imaginative sculpture project, which celebrates one of Australia’s iconic animals – the Koala. Above all, it is designed to generate a sense of fun and surprise for everyone who comes across one of the creatively decorated koalas resting in parkland, lazing by the river, waiting outside the shops, or playing with children.

Artist – Elwyn Toby

Growing up through the generations there have been koala habitats in the Thunggutti area, also known as Nulla Nulla.

This Koala is all about the Thunggutti area. On the front is Barralbarayi (Anderson’s Mount Sugarloaf) the mountain that guards Thunggutti mission.

The large dots represent the homes at the mission.

The fish on Koala’s face represent the pinkeye mullet (a freshwater fish) that we have been catching for many generations.

They have also had a lot of fun chasing and catching turtles and eating them as well. The leaves are of great significance for the koalas.

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