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The Slim Dusty Centre

The Slim Dusty Centre

The Slim Dusty Centre, located in Slim’s hometown of Kempsey, is a multi-purpose facility offering Visitor Information, a Retail Shop, the Nulla Nulla Art Gallery, Dusty’s Dinner Camp Cafe and of course the famous Slim Dusty Museum. You can also find ‘Nulla’ the Koala from the wonderful Hello Koala’s Sculpture trail residing at the centre!

The Museum exhibition features objects and images from the Kirkpatrick family’s own archive and contributions from fans and friends all over the world. Visually rich, and astonishingly varied, the display provides a look at the amazing life of Slim, Joy and their family and mates, touring the towns and villages of Australia’s Outback. You can get an up-close look at ‘Old Purple’ and Slim and Joy’s last touring caravan.

Be sure to try their specially formulated “Homewood” blend of coffee selected by Slim’s family and delicious treats from Dusty’s Dinner Camp Cafe.

490 Macleay Valley Way Kempsey, South Kempsey, 2440


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Nulla from the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail

Nulla Nulla Gallery

South Kempsey Gateway ‘Echoes’ Sculpture

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