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Stuarts Point
Stuarts Point

DISCOVER Stuarts Point

Nature Trails of the Macleay is a diverse collection of  walking, biking and 4WD trails that span across the Macleay. Offering a natural experience for everyone, the network of trails are not just connected by their respective locations but also by their rich Indigenous roots.

Learn more about the history of Stuarts Point, then journey out to experience it yourself by exploring the nearby trails and points of interest described below.

How Yarrahapinni Mountain Was Created

A young Ngambaa man, a Koala Brother, went down to the ricks at Stuarts Point hunting with his spear to get some fish.

He speared until he got a groper. After he caught his fish, he started to walk westwards, up the hill towards his shelter.

As he got closer one brother yelled… Here comes that young fella carrying that big groper. 

They both jumped out and the other brother said… You better give me that groper or I will chop off your head. 

The young man replied… No! I’ve been hunting for this fish all day to feed my family… you’re not getting my fish… go and catch your own!

So, the first brother pulled out his boomerang and threw it upwards. It sliced right through the young man’s neck and his head fell off. The other brother threw his boomerang which sliced through the young man’s body.

The Koala Brother’s lower leg fell to the east and his torso fell to the west.

They cut the young man into three pieces and where he fell formed the three peaks of Yarrahapinni that we see today.

Yarrahapinni is Yarri yapani in Dhanggati and Yarriabini in Gumbaynggirr.

We acknowledge the source of this story, the Dreaming Story Collection and Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative Dhanggati Grammar and Dictionary with Dhanggati Stories. We also acknowledge that the spelling of Dhanggati/Dunghutti may vary.

There are many versions to Dreaming stories passed from generation to generation, however, all versions have the same moral. Koala brothers graphic provided by Hannah Smith.