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Golden-Headed Cisticola Mural

Golden-Headed Cisticola Mural

Ash’s popular style combines the broader community appeal of nature’s local flora and fauna, in this case, a photorealistic representation of a Golden-headed Cisticola frequently spotted by birdwatchers in Kempsey, bookended by the Christmas Bell flowers purely for the complimentary colours, juxtaposed against the modern stylized three-dimensional graffiti lettering that appeals to the younger more contemporary sector of the community.

Ash’s work acknowledges the graffiti movement within the mural, appealing to both ends of the community spectrum aiming to start conversations that shatter demographic boundaries and offer a chance to learn about differing perspectives in our communities respectfully.

From the dark silhouetted mountains in the background to the flowing waters of the sea in the lower foreground, the mural will have a subconscious appeal to locals who have these two visual components woven into their sense of belonging and connection to their surroundings.

Ash Johnston is an established street artist from Coffs Harbour and has been instrumental in bringing street artists to the region to showcase their talents and brighten up streetscapes. As well as running Open Studio, a retail store and art studio, Ash is often engaged as a mentor for young people teaching them street art and essential life skills.

Savages Lane Kempsey, Kempsey, 2440
6566 3200


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