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Indo the Artist Elringtons Lane Mural

Indo the Artist Elringtons Lane Mural

Inspired by the Macleay farmer, the position was passed down through generations. The farmer looking out over the valley is reflecting on the good times and challenges of working on the land. From droughts to floods and fires – his resilience and determination capture the spirit of the people. He looks across to the younger generation, who will continue this tradition. The heritage listed Kempsey Showgrounds as the centerpiece signifying its importance in bringing the farming and broader community together in celebration of the agricultural life and history of the Macleay.

Patrick Indo is an award-winning and prolific street artist from Crescent Head. With a distinct contemporary pop style, his works have been featured in magazines, television and festivals. Indo has collaborated with many known commercial brands as well as with community-based projects in Kempsey and surrounds mentoring young people in street art and creative industries. Several of his public artworks can be found in Kempsey including the Flood Marker pole in Clyde St Mall, the Crescent Head amenities, and murals at Blackfish Cafe and the Mediterranean Hotel. You can find more of his work at his instagram account.

Elringtons Lane Kempsey, Kempsey, 2440
6566 3200


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