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Community Healing Mural

Community Healing Mural

This creation was put together from the inspiration of being in nature on country and connecting back to the land, being grounded replenishes the soul and makes you feel whole again.
This also gives us a sense of healing water plays a massive part in this, walking barefoot on the ground helps with your connection to country.

The diamond pattern is significant to Dunghutti Nation it represents ceremony and or a place of significance. Footprints represent the path we leave for our future generations to follow.

On the bottom in the white, we have the depiction of our river flowing through the valley with waterholes representing towns in between. The black detailed designs depict the land and its different habitats.

The top depicts the mountains in white. The black details again represent the land and its habitats.

If we can connect to all of these elements and share and acknowledge culture we can then start our healing journey.

Jason is a proud Aboriginal artist from the Dunghutti/Thunggutti Nation of Kempsey. He is passionate about his culture and sharing his knowledge with the next generation. ​Jason has evolved into a successful artist creating stunning artworks on various mediums for a broad range of customers and corporate clients, through commissioned work and private sales.

You can view more of his works through his website

Savages Lane Kempsey, Kempsey, 2440
6566 3200


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