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Abstracted Outline of the Macleay River Mural

Abstracted Outline of the Macleay River Mural

Ash uses contemporary design elements to create a sense of motion and energy. Amongst these elements is the inclusion of important species and ecosystems of the Kempsey Shire forming a narrative to raise awareness of their importance and vulnerability.

An abstracted outline of the Macleay River creates a dynamic shape throughout the work; offering negative space and balance yet wrapping the elements together and firmly grounding the piece to the Shire and the communities through which it flows.

Included in the mural are:
Spider orchid
Swamp sclerophyll forest on coastal floodplains
Green and golden bell frog
Freshwater wetlands on coastal floodplains
Lesser creeping Fern
White-flowered wax plant”

Ash Taylor is an early career muralist from Brisbane. She is captivated and inspired by the natural environment.

Her work is vibrant and energetic, mixing abstraction, carefully chosen colour palettes, gestural mark-making and illustration to create a connection between the viewer and nature.

By bringing the natural environment to public, urbanized spaces Ash amplifies the beauty and detail of nature and creates a space to consider the importance and issues relating to the conservation and preservation of our natural spaces.

Savages Lane Kempsey, Kempsey, 2440
6566 3200


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