Crescent Head

 “Going back to Crescent Head always makes me think of what the famous Jack “Bluey” Mayes used to say when he got back from his first trip to Hawaii, ‘Save your brass and go to Crescent!’ ” Legendary surfer, Nat Young    

Malibu boards, kids on bikes, soft serve ice cream and the bowling club. Unlike some of Australia’s other world famous surf breaks, Crescent Head – a nationally protected Surfing Reserve – still has all the charm of coastal towns of yesteryear.

With four sets of reef breaks, pristine beaches, the protection of 60km of National Park and the most cracking cold milkshakes (made like they used to be), the only question is what are you waiting for? Pack up the Kombi, throw in the kids – there’s plenty of quiet spots to keep them happy too – and come on down.

Crescent Head is considered to have one of Australia’s best beaches!